4 September 2011

The One After...

September 1st - Show 356

In tonights show:

Oh the let down...You know, last time Tamara came over to do a show we needed several months break to recharge...getting straight back into a 'normal' show is somewhat of a downer.
We talk about:  The new UW promotion, Lee's impending luxury holiday, dressing up as 'An Officer' to get girls back, Melodyne and BlockBusters customer service.  We even get a run down of Mafs workday (don't listen if you're Maf's boss)
I'm afraid there's not a new CVS this week but there's some great new Tamara Sings'.

Video Of The Week

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Music This Show:
Real Tuesday Weld - I'll See You In My Dreams
Sopie Madeleine - Smile
Tom Jones - Kung Fu Fighting

HariKaraoke -It's A Sin (featuring Tamara)
Tamara Sings - Hallelujah

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This show is approx  1 hour 36 mins

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