16 September 2011

The One Missing Its First Hour

September 15th - Show 358

In tonights show:

Blood Brothers (musical)Sheesh...I proper screwed up this show!!!  I forgot to press record for the first hour of the show, so you missed a heartfelt endorsement of the musical Blood Brothers from Lee plus a couple of great tunes.  Although I couldn't do anything about Lee's bit, I have stuck the songs at the end of the podcast for you.  

We also welcome new listener Graeme to the chatroom, have some Utility Warehouse chat and a number of one liners.  Maf tells us about his Cover Version Sandwich picnic basket and a few second summary of the Planet Of The Apes film series.

There's a new CVS and Harikaraoke this week and yet another great new Tamara Sings. 

Video Of The Week

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Snug Stats

Music This Show:
Flight Of The Conchords - Business Time
Darth Vader vs Hitler - Epic Rap Battles
Blood Brothers - Tell Me It's Not True

HariKaraoke - Angels (Baseballs)
Cover Version Sandwich - To Love Somebody
Tamara Sings - Decorated My Life

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See you then...have a Snuggly week.

This show is approx  0 hour 56 mins

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