Advent Calendar 2012

Welcome to The Snugradio Advent Calendar for 2012 

Behind each 'door' you will find a piece of Christmassy media...could be a song vid from Youtube, could be some free music we stumbled across, could be something else... But whatever it is, we hope it helps you get in the mood for the 'most wonderful time of the year'

The first of our Jib Jab videos is behind door 1
Walking in A Winter Wonderland

What is behind door 2 on The Snugradio Advent calendar?
It's some free music! Download it here:

Door number 3 on The SnugRadio Advent Calendar...It's another free album : Santastic 7

Door 4 on The SnugRadio Advent Calendar and it's
with Chiron Beta Prime:

SnugRadio Advent Calendar, Door 5, It's one of our new (After Effects) Christmas Promos.

Door 6 on The SnugRadio  Calendar, more free 'music'. It's the 2011 Snug Harikaraoke Christmas Album

Opened door 7 on The SnugRadio  Calendar to find this...It's what Elf Maf & Lee do when they're not helping Santa

Calendar Door 8 - Another super free album, collected by AMDWHAH.

In 2009 Elf Maf & Lee recorded their Xmas Concert for us. And here it is behind Door 9 of Snugradio

Door 10, SnugRadio's the brilliant Rock Sugar with Don't Stop The Santa Man

It's The SnugRadio
Calendar, Door 11, another of our Christmas Promo Animations

Calendar Door 12, 12-12-12 - it can only be one thing. Straight No Chaser with The 12 Days Of Christmas


Calendar, Door 13, from , it's a deleted scene from top Christmas film Die Hard

So, these guys burst out of The SnugRadio
Calendar Door 14 today. Brilliant!! thanks

SnugRadio Calendar, Door 15, It's a SnugRadio Winter Promo
Door 16, SnugRadio Calendar...It's the Video Christmas Tree Promo

It's The SnugRadio Calendar, Door 17 : 'home video' from the annual Snug team building outing:

Want another free album of Christmas music from AMDWHAH? Have a look behind door 18 of The SnugRadio Calendar

Door 19, SnugRadio Calendar, here's a colourised version of the classic christmas film It's A Wonderful Life

Door 20 SnugRadio Calendar, some Christmas tunes from , the absolutely fantastic

Door 21, SnugRadio Calendar - Well, the world hasn't ended yet so enjoy this instead

SnugRadio Calendar, Door 22.
Oh yes, movie ahoy!! It's A Wonderful Snug

It's Door 23, SnugRadio Calendar, Feliz Navidad :

"Almost there, stay on target" Door 24 SnugRadio Calendar : You'd Better Watch Out...

And. because we all have better things to do tomorrow than open Calendars,
here's Door 25

Happy Christmas

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