27 August 2011

The One With B. T. & W.

August 25th - Show 355

In tonights show:

Wow! What can I tell you about this show. 
Tamara! Willow! From Canada! Beth! Man Cave!
Over 2 hours of absolute nonsense. 

How could I present it to you in anything but it's total unedited glory (absolutely nothing to do with it being less work for me or the uneditable nature of a Man Cave show) We cover a ton of stuff from chickens to young Canadian boyfriends (Hi Brad!), Walrus impressions to crotch bruises and possibly everything else in between but I'm writing these with only four hours sleep and nothing to eat all day so I'm buggered if I can remember anything of much substance.  

I just remember it being bloody good fun
(You will, however, find out the answer to this equation:  16 year old + Vodka = )

Our heartfelt thanks go to our 3 wonderful guests to travelled something like 93 million miles between them to be with us. It truly is a special time when these shows happen :)

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This show is approx  2 hour 7 mins

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