21 August 2011

The One With Seagulls

August 18th - Show 354

In tonights show:

We talk about:  The burger chain Wimpy, Russian subtitles and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and Vitamin C-men.  We cover some Melodyne and then find out how Tamara is preparing for next weeks impending live show.  We also spend an unfeasibly long time talking about killing seagulls and owls in school uniform.
There's also some brand new Harikaraoke and the last of our Beatles Month Cover Version Sandwiches too.

Video Of The Week

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Snug Stats

Music This Show:
Booker T. - Crazy
Clint Black - The Galaxy Song
Ukulele Orchestra - Leaning on The Lamp Post
Pink Turtle - Roxanne

HariKaraoke - Xanadu
Cover Version Sandwich - Money
Tamara Sings - We Are The Champions

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See you then...have a Snuggly week.

This show is approx  2 hour 0 mins

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