3 May 2007

May 3rd - Show 152 - Podcast 65

The One With Webcams

We get an intimate update on Scopeys relationship with Audrey...in all its soap-operary details. Then we move onto a variety of sujects, including:

A new election strategy : Big Idol Brother - Voting

The Infinity pool and Jules Verne (Apparently, 20 000 leagues [nautical] = 69 046.766 881 413 mile...Who'da thunk it)

Cindy B's Snug Shop - All proceeds will go to The Snug Texas Tour 2008 (Cindy is our US Tour Manager) http://www.cafepress.com/cbdesignshop

Fake Nokia N95s

Lee's inability to buy an Archos from Archos

Lots of Cindy B Webcam stuff

Jackie Ayres Gets herself on Youtube

And another idea that's unlikely to materialise...our version of the Rocky Horror Radio Show

New retrospective royalty charges are being levied on internet radio stations and we need you help before we get priced out and have to rethink the live stream. Go to http://www.live365.com/choice/ and help us fight the charges

Music This Show
Matt Willis - Crash

Tamara Sings
RHPS - Science Fiction Double Feature


The Zombies - Time of The Season

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This show is approx
1 hr 55 mins


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