26 April 2007

April 26th - Show 151 - Podcast 64

The One With An Ill Maf

I'll start by apologising for this weeks notes...not only was I ill, but I couldn't get into Blogger for 90% of the show...Sheesh!!

Scopey Steve has an admirer! His offensive chatter has not put off Audrey, who left him a couple of messages on our Mychingo this week...stay tuned to see how it all turns out.

How can it be?! Someone tells us 'Drive' has been cancelled after only 4 episodes...c'mon people! what's going on over there (in US TV Land) We (Maf actually) have an extended rant about the mental capacity of American TV execs and the cancellation of Drive...Bastards! If you want to do your part in making me happy again, try and get Drive a full season here
We also can't forgive the Heist (cancelled by NBC) debacle either.
Seriously, is there any listener out there who knows a TV exec that can explain this idiocy

Scopey is found moonlighting by Fluffy, who mailed us this site: http://www2.b3ta.com/hawking/

Lee has been taking this beard thing seriously by visiting www.goatee.org and getting some grooming hints...really more information about facial hair than any sane person needs.

The Commitments play Alton Towers

Lee saves £6000 by cancelling his double glazing and getting his neighbour to do it

The Snug Book- Submissions please....We're hoping to have it available by Christmas
requirements: cover art, something from each of our top live listeners, anything from Your Snug experience that you feel should be documented.
We'd like to aim for a 'Young Ones' book feel or the JCB song book


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Music This Show
Ya Mo Be There - Steve Brookstein
Glory Days - Just Jack

Tamara Sings
Word Up - Cameo


Dark End of the Streets - Commitments

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02 92 12 51 007

The show is approx 1 hr 55 mins