19 April 2007

April 19th - Show 150 - Podcast 63

The One With Live365 problems

Scopey Steve offends everyone with his intro this week...but check out his audio version of the Snug Fans Blog...He obviously loves the fans as he's spent ages recreating the experience

We talk of Myspace and our new friends including Diablo Swing Orchestra
I imagine you'll hear a bit from them next show :)

Maf watches 12 monkeys again and still thinks it's not a confusing as everyone said it was (thickies!). We also mention Alton Towers and how cool a day Mafs nearest and dearest had last Friday

Lee shares a couple of gypsy con stories as told to him by his window cleaner and tell us to go to see his new YouTube Vid- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF0QBNYnwXA
Keep listening in future shows for a possible baby prediction competition with mediocre prizes :)

Huntisms - Yes...I'm pimping my Life On Mars site again...it's nothing fancy...does just what it says on the tin!.

Maf had babies living with him this week so he's a bit tired...coupled with his split tooth (that he's finally booked in to get fixed on Saturday) it's a wonder he's not more grumpy!

and this week I also remember to mention that my sister, Sally, is running!!! for charity ... if you feel like it, Please sponsor her HERE :) Also sponsor loyal listener Fluffy HERE


New retrospective royalty charges are being levied on internet radio stations and we need you help before we get priced out and have to rethink the live stream. Go to http://www.live365.com/choice/ and help us fight the charges

Music This Show
Time of The Season - The Zombies
Bobby Brown Goes Down - Frank Zappa

Tamara Sings
Nickleback - How You Remind Me


Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Israel Doobery-Wotsit

This is the Skype voicemail number so now you have no excuse to not leave us messages.
02 92 12 51 007

The show is approx 2 hr 3 mins


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