24 May 2007

May 24th - Show 155 - Podcast 68

The One With Kahlua

There's an updat on the Scope Opera (this is getting to be a regular thing...is there anyone out there that would like to document this in flash animation for the website so that people can catch up??)

Maf is having a few days off next week...to go...wait for it....camping...in a tent...this tent to be exact.
Damn Halfords for their half price bargain... So...Maf will have a bad nights sleep on mon tues and possibly weds night...that'll make for a happy show next week!!

Maf blasts 28 Weeks Later (was he just in a bad mood, or is it really crap?)
he's also seen Spiderman 3 this week too...and he wasn't particularly over-whelmed with that either.

Season finales abound this week on TV as we see the end of Heroes and Lost. Smallville and Supernatural ended last week but as Lee doesn't watch them we don't really talk about them.
By the way, If you've clicked on any of these links above, you'll realise Maf uses TV.com quite a lot...if you're in any way interested in TV, you should pay them a visit

This show was sponsored by Kahlua,
and if they want to send us a case, that's fine by me

The Blah Party - check them out...we also have them as a friend on myspace - Britains new political party? Snug sensibilities! The only sensible vote is a protest vote!

Check out the Snugfans blog for all the goodies not listed here

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Music This Show
Deacon Blue - Twist & Shout
Kaiser Chiefs - Every Day I Love You Less & Less

Tamara Sings
The Great Pretender - The Platters


Black Magic Woman - Santana
Love Letters - Elvis / Alison Moyet

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