10 May 2007

May 10th - Show 153 - Podcast 66

The One With Ian M

It's our birthday...3 years ago on May 6th...The Snug was born!

But, as it's slipped our mind till now, we have the usual bag of nonsense:

What's the new series of Hustle like?
What are the latest developments in the Scopey soap opera?
Why does Lee need a rant about the mothers of disabled people?
How bad is that David Guest impression?

Check out the Snugfans blog for all the goodies not listed here

We're joined by new listener Ian. He used to work with Maf nearly a decade ago but don't hold that against him.

Here he is as his public know him...the face of Icelands thin & crispy Garlic & Mushroom Pizza.

Hear him chat with the Daily Telegraph about his Falklands experiences here

I went past this car today coming home for the show...it looks cooler in real life

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Music This Show
Chris DeBurgh - Don't Pay the Ferryman
The Drunken Scotsman

Tamara Sings
Heart of Gold - Neil Young


Olivers Army - Elvis Costello

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This show is approx
1 hr 55 mins


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