25 May 2014

The One With A Wonky Wheel

May 22nd - Show 495

In this show
Shooting Fish
Shooting Fish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lee has headset troubles and then we talk about fiverr, my new MacPro and screen and more audio problems for Lee (his external soundcard for his work has packed in).

Scopeys Lyrics Quiz is back with a 2 song bumper edition then we hear about Lees charity gig and that he's booking an RV for this years holiday.

As I prepare for another Alton Towers visit, we hear about Lees day out at Manchester Airport…and his wonky wheel.

The cookie monster impression during the Cover Version Sandwich was Ten Masked Men

We have a brief discussion about my 2015 holiday at Disney World and my job and then 
we search for (and find) Shooting Fish

Scopey Steve sings with the Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra

We play you a track from the 'free to download' Zoot Boot albums and then talk about the Soundcloud downloader - anything2mp3, Adventr - interactive videos and Lee insults nerds of yesteryear (not modern nerds though, nosiree Bob!).  He ends by telling us how he made a lady urinate herself from laughing

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Music This Show
Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra - Kung Fu Barbershop

Cover Version Sandwich
Bee Gees - Staying Alive

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