15 May 2014

The 2014 Gaijin-A-GoGo Interview

May 8th - Interview Special

In this show

Kiku Kimonolisa
Saiko Mikan
Back in late 2004, we had our first celebrity interview (kind of).  Americas Number One Japanese Go Go Band, the inimitable Gaijin A Go Go.  

Well, I say interview...But what actually happened was I emailed them a bunch of questions and got them to interview themselves (how professional of me).

And so, to celebrate our 10th Birthday, I thought it was time to right this wrong and invited them back on via Skype (across three different timezones) so I could talk to them in person.  

Since we last 'talked' to them, Gaijin A Go Go has gone on an extended hiatus so I caught up with, arguably, the most important members: Petra Hanson (Kiku Kimonolisa) and Sanford Santacroce (Saiko Mikan) and we discussed everything from the history and creation of the band to life after Gaijin and a number of things inbetween (including the new Godzilla, toilet restaurant shit curry and Fixxology)

Here's a couple of links mentioned in the interview:

Gaijin A Go Go Official Website
Andy Lewis
Anno's Africa
Rockstar Games

I had a fantastic time as they are both interesting and entertaining and it was great to get to finally chat to them in person.  
I'd like to end with a  big thank you to Petra and Sanford and let's hope it's not nearly 10 years before we talk again.

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This interview is approx  1 hour

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