5 May 2014

The One With A Cold

May 1st - Show 492

In this show

We look at  an internet genius who's tipped Lee $25 on Fiverr.  His website is www.expandiverse.com.
This is the video connected to our first tune of the evening…it's called Strumpfhosentanz

We also talk about my recent chat with the founders of Gaijin A Gogo and how much I love my Merlin Annual Pass…this leads Lee in to a long reminisce about Alton Towers.

Alton Towers in 1880
Alton Towers (When Lee Last Visited) in 1880 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This show is just shy of an hour long because I have a cold and there's only so much snot I can subject you to :)

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Music This Show
Hiss - Tanz (02:40)
Jonathan Coulton - First Of May (04:11)

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This show is approx  0 hour 57 mins

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