7 June 2015

The One With Periscope

June 4th - Show 548

In this show: 

We cover a whole host of stuff and I've waited till Sunday evening to do the shownotes.  Here's a lazy bullet pointed list instead :
  • Alton Towers and The Smiler accident
  • Twitters Periscope (and rollercoaster recording)
  • The 2015 Florida holiday timetable
  • Here;s the promised link to Public Service Broadcasting Lee's going to meet a lady in the robot suit
  • Some TV chat about these shows: 
    • Wayward Pines
    • Daredevil
    • Persons Unknown
    • Redesign My Brain
    • Orphan Black
  • I wonder "Why do we waxwork?"
  • We try Keeping up with the Kardashians and Caitlyn Jenner
Gul Dukat
Gul Dukat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • I see Tomorrowland in Imax in London
  • A Tesla mobile
  • Finally we talk about Modafinil and female viagra

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Music This Show
Public Service Broadcasting - Go! (03:49)
B*witched - Rollercoaster (03:23)
Katy Perry vs The MarKeys - Last MarKeys Night (02:39)

B*B*Witched - Blame It On The Weatherman (03:34)

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