21 June 2015

The One With Mocha Beer

June 18th - Show 550

In this show: 

I'm drinking a Batemans Mocha Amaretto beer and tell you how I've recently kinda 'Kickstarted' a new Innis and Gunn brewery (by getting one of their beer bonds)

Innis & Gunn, Spiced Rum FInish, limited editi...
Innis & Gunn (Photo: Wikipedia)

We have a positively spoilery interlude where I say "WTF Wayward Pines!?" and we find out that even though Lee says he's watched the latest episode, he's missed the most WTF-ery part of it all!

Lee has started shopping at wish.com

I tell you more about the Sparkbooth software and the Griffin Powermate button that I've just bought for my sisters wedding and then I tell you what I thought about the fantastic Jurassic World 

We end the show by asking our listeners to be the music producers for future shows:  Send us 3 song requests and the reasons behind them and you could be in charge of the music for a show.  Either email us or leave a comment below

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Music This Show
Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor - Marvin Gaye (03:07)
Sam Tsui and Casey Breves - Thinking Out Loud I'm Not The Only One (03:50)
Sam Tsui - Uptown Funk Lips Are Movin (03:53)

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