8 February 2015

The One With Kingsmen

February 5th - Show 531

In this show: 

Lee joins the show unexpectedly (after telling me he wont make it) and the first thing he does is complain about my Plex.  Then its time for a reasonably spoiler free review of the fantastic James Bond 'spoof' Kingsmen: The Secret Service.  The closure of the cinema in Prestatyn prompts us to wonder about cool ways of running such an establishment.

For some reason, Lee needs to know about female circumcision after hearing about it in the news and, after agreeing it's quite nasty, we strangely end up talking about terrorists and cottagers

In our Kickstart section we catch up with Exploding kittens (which seems to have exploded the internet) and have a quite in-depth chat about the Wheelys coffee bike. (see below)

We also cover the recent Taiwanese plane crash video and the cool plan to turn the  London underground tunnels into a thoroughfare for bike and pedestrians

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