19 February 2015

The One With Great Heights

February 19th - Show 533

In this show: 

It's hodgepodge time again and this shows theme is songs with 'Great' or 'Height' in their titles.  Enjoy.

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Snug Stats

Music This Show
Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fire (01:52)
Ilse de Lange - The Great Escape (03:59)
Porcupine Tree - Great Expectations (01:26)
Talking Heads - The Great Curve (06:27)
The Gaslight Anthem - Great Expectations (03:05)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Into The Great Wide Open (03:43)
The Lonely Island - Great Day (02:18)
Freddie Mercury - The Great Pretender (03:38)
Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps - Lack of Height (04:00)
Open Air Stereo - Highest Height (03:43)
The Honeydrips - Fall from a Height (02:35)
The Voluntary Butler Scheme - To The Height Of A Frisbee (03:48)
Unbelievable Truth - From this Height (03:25)
Various Artists - Half My Height (03:05)
Absynthe Minded - A Great Height (06:39)
The Puppini Sisters - Wuthering Heights (03:37)

Cover Version Sandwich
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights

Such Great Heights
Such Great Heights (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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