4 July 2014

The One With Independence

July 3rd - Show 501

In this show:
We celebrate Independence Day with a hodgepodge that include mostly songs with 'Independence' or 'America' in the title.  We start with a small segment of '500' songs (running on from last weeks 500th show)  and end with a couple of 'Friday' songs (because Independence Day on on Friday).

Independence Day!
Independence Day! (Photo credit: Micky**)

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Music This Show

Reverend Horton Heat - Galaxy 500 (03:16) 

Justin Timberlake - 500 miles ( 3:26)
Frank Sinatra - Five Hundred Guys (02:50)
Status Quo - Five Hundred Times (09:53)
Spın̈al Tap - America (03:39) 
Lulu - Independence (04:14) 
The Blue Van - Independence (02:59) 
Stephen Lynch - America (03:24)
Donna Summer - State of Independence (04:28)
Gretchen Peters - Independence Day (03:43) 
Persephone's Bees - Independence Day (03:32)
Martin Denny - America (01:56) 

Modern Romance - Good Friday (03:51) 
The Billy Rubin Trio- Friday I'm in Love ( 2:11)

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This show is approx  1 hour 35 mins

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