29 June 2014

The One That's 500

June 26th - Show 500

In this show:

We celebrate getting to 500 with a show that seems mostly about Plex.  I mean, yes, we talk about Lees sunburn and badly formatted id3s. We also have Scopey Steve doing some sterling impressions for us like a modern day Mike Yarwood and I tell you why I finally moved to iOS7.

But...a lot of this show is about Plex...Lee is excited that I shared my library with him and we work through how our live listeners could also take advantage.

Then we talk about Google Glass and the iWatch which makes us nostalgiarise about our early computers and first video game consoles.

500 Trivia we mentioned:

many NASCAR races often use the number 500 at the end of their race names (e.g., Daytona 500), to denote the length of the race (in miles, kilometers or laps).

A Monkey is UK (London) slang for £500

Unusual Tie Knots

Here's a video for doing the Eldredge knot :

The 500 Trivia We Didn't Get to:

the Fiat 500, an Italian car, or a number of cars in the United States built by Ford: the Ford Five Hundred, Galaxie 500 and Custom 500.
a 500 HTTP status code for Internal Server Error
a 500 SMTP status code means a syntax error has occurred due to unrecognized command

The number 500 is used 27 times in the Bible.

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Snug Stats

Music This Show

The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) (03:35)
Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra - I Stole Your Daddys Time Machine (02:26)
Elf Maf And Lee - I'm On My Way

Cover Version Sandwich none

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This show is approx  1 hour 35 mins

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