4 June 2012

The One With Royal Jelly

May 31th - Show 394

In tonights show:

It seems that my faithful old Imac is on its way out tonight...although you podcast listeners shouldn't notice too much, I had to remix the show four times before I could get a copy that worked ok (finally did it on my even older macbook pro).  Anyway...you know the score...Maf only music show...all the songs are below.  We even have a discussion about the vocal merits of Mr Shatner :P.

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Snug Stats
Music This Show:
The Corner Laughers - Ignition (remix)
Blue Swede - Hooked On A Feeling'
386 Dx - California Dreamin'
Walk Of The Earth - Grenade
Marie And Cherie Currie - Since Youve Been Gone
Royal Jelly Orchestra - You Oughta Know
Hugo - 99 Problems
Queen - You And I
William Shatner - Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen - Doin' Alright
Laura Vane / Vipertones - You Give Me What I Want
King Charles - Bam Bam
Mitch And Mickey - When You're Next To Me
Walk Off The Earth - Eleanor Rigby
Royal Jelly Orchestra - Safety Dance

HariKaraoke - none
Cover Version Sandwich - none
Tamara Sings - none

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This show is approx  0 hours 57 mins

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