8 June 2012

The One With Cashback

June 7th - Show 395

In tonights show:

I said last week the Imac was playing up...well this week, I've decided that it's being retired to the Apple resting place in the sky...just as soon as I've saved up the £2500 for a Mac Pro.
This means we could be doing the show from my old macbook pro for a few months...let's hope I can iron out the sound bugs over the coming weeks.
Anyway...Lee joins us tonight and gives us some more information about his new cashback venture and the meetings he's been having.  We also have a plentiful supply of Lees one liners and a quick run down of the recent movie releases Mafs been to see.  We also have some Jubilee talk and a brand new Cover Version Sandwich and Harikaraoke

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Music This Show:
Leslie King - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

HariKaraoke - Common People
Cover Version Sandwich - Seven Nation Army
Tamara Sings - none

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This show is approx  1 hours 30 mins
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