13 July 2011

The Snug's Facebook 'Station'

Hi All
So, if you're a 'friend' on Facebook, you'll have noticed a ton of music videos on your news feed from us.  It's just a little experiment to see if we can broaden the appeal of the show to all the people who don't currently listen.
Each day has a different theme, and we'll aim to post about a song an hour  between 08:00 and 18:00.  This doesn't include any requests we may get (more on that later).  So, here's the themes and the 'rules':

Movie Music Monday
Easy start to the week with this one...It's music...from movies.  Pop songs from movies, instrumental scores, song related to movies...Anything is fair game as long as it's connected to a movie.

Tuesday Tunes
Ah...The oh-so-random Tuesday Tunes.  This is anything and everything.  Random assortment of whatever takes my fancy.  Maybe soon, it will become 'All Request' Tuesday Tunes

One Hit Wonder Wednesdays
Songs that are considered One Hit Wonders (OHW) either in the UK or the USA.  I'm using the ever reliable Wikipedia at the moment and some US OHW had more than one hit in the UK.  If we 'play' someone who wasn't a OHW in on or the other place, you don't need to tell us, we already know :)

Tributes Thursday
All cover versions, all day.  As a lover of covers, at least one day had to feature them.  Strange and unusual versions of familiar songs

Funtime Friday
Songs that lift your spirits and make you smile.  This can include anything from uplifting tunes to parodies.  Just something to kick off your weekend smiling.

Making a request is dead easy...just message us directly in facebook with what you're after.  Simple isn't it?  Anyone can do it!

There you go then, a quick explanation of what's happening to our Facebook feed...If you have any comments and/or suggestions, feel free to message us on Facebook, leave a comment below, or mail us at snugradio@yahoo.co.uk

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