15 July 2011

The One With Facebook skills

July 14th - Show 349

In tonights show:

It's good to have him back!!  Yes, Lee's with us this show ...and he brings along his missus...kind of.  We are treated to the soap opera that is The Whites House as Lee tries to teach Lynette how to use Facebook...I kid you not!  Lee!?!  of all people?!  Don't even ask about the 'Deep Breaths'.
We also find out if Mafs healthy eating is having any effect, fill everyone in on whats being happening on our pagebook feed (see last post) and try to work out some of Lees One Hit wonder requests.  There's also some brand Harikaraoke and a fresh Cover Version Sandwich too

Plus, of course, much, much more

The Video Of the Week:

This weeks Snug Challenge is   An Eye:

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Music This Show:

Josh Turner - Would You Go With Me
Cee-Lo Green - Baby I don't Care
Mambo Kurt - Paradise City

HariKaraoke - Living Upside Down
Cover Version Sandwich - Summertime
Tamara Sings - Stuck In Lodi

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This show is approx  1 hour 50 mins

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