18 October 2010

The One With Mostly UW

October 14th - Show 311

In tonights show:

Yikes...there's an awful lot of Utility Warehouse in this episode.  I apologise unreservedly. On top of that, it's Monday and I'm only just getting round to the show notes (I'm a bad, bad man).  This obviously means that there's no juicy tidbits to get you to listen to the show here.  Luckily, you're just going to listen to it out of blind faith aren't you.  Thanks :D

Oh...I almost forgot, here's a link from Lee

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Snug Stats
Music This Show:

Olly Murs - Please Don't Let Me Go
Rock Sugar - Shook Me Like A Prayer
The ReBeatles - Beautiful

Tamara Sings:  Accidentally In Love
Harikaraoke:  Heartache Tonight

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This show is approx 1 Hours 33 mins

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