23 October 2010

The One With A Food Fetish

October 21st - Show 312

In tonights show:

Well...Make yourself comfy now because this show is two and a half hours long!! (I blame the pizza delivery man)

We chat about owning our own cinema and recreating the cinemas of our youth, quite how we manage to get it being powered by pigs escapes me.  There's also some chat about erm...animal...ah...love as Maf finds someone who doesn't know about the infamous mexican shows involving long earred, horselike animals known for stubborness.
All show Lee is wracked with hunger pangs so there's a lots of food talk from around half way through, inevitably this leads to sex...don't ask me...the chat room brought it up.
The Pizza Man delays so much we don't even have a harikaraoke this week but Lynette joins us for an unusual tale about 'Jason'

Chatroom Links
Why English is confusing
Every 20 Minutes, a child...

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Billy Joel - My Life
The ReBeatles - Poker Face

Cover Version Sandwich - Hallelujah

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This show is approx 2 Hours 28 mins

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