1 March 2010

February 25th - Show 279

The One With Indian Scammers

In tonights show:

What happens when an indian help desk calls Mafs mum.
Mafs blind faith in the genius of humanity leaves him disappointed with this email scam.

We have another This Week in Ross

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Competition 2 - The More Listeners Conjecture : We want you to mail us with suggestions on how we can increase our listenership.  Everything and anything is considered.  prizes for most entertaining and most effective.  scalable prize for the winner upon show of efficacy.

Stolen from Digg
Canadians prefer bacon to sex
15 Internet frustrations and solutions
Naked sledging draws a crowd, suprisingly

Plus much, much, more

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Music This Show:

Carpenters - Calling Occupants
The Who - Squeeze Box
Tom Jones - Whats New Pussycat?
Elvis Costello - I'll Never Fall In Love
Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude
Ewan McGregor - Your Song
Adam Ant - Apollo 9
Catatonia - Ballad of Tom Jones
Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas
Aswad - Roxanne

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