21 February 2010

February 18th - Show 278

The One With A Wireless Headset

In tonights show:

Some stuff happens,  Lee tries out his new wireless headset, we play some music, maf wonders if he has diabetes, some more stuff happens, we have some Backtrax and some music and then some more stuff happens.

Even though she's not with us this week, Tamara reminds us about The Army of Lovers

We have another This Week in Ross

Our Current Competitions are:

Competition 1 - The Jonathan Ross Hypothesis :  We think Jonathan Ross would very much like to be on the show...He just doesn't know about us.  We want suggestions and plans on how to go about getting the word of the Snug to him.  best and most effective gets a prize!

Competition 2 - The More Listeners Conjecture : We want you to mail us with suggestions on how we can increase our listenership.  Everything and anything is considered.  prizes for most entertaining and most effective.  scalable prize for the winner upon show of efficacy.

Stolen from Digg
Knob, Mike Carroll put mansion up for sale

Top Geek T-Shirts

Plus much, much, more

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Snug Stats
Music This Show:

David Bowie - Jean Genie
David Tull - The Minutes Go Like Hours

Harikaraoke:  That's Life

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This show is approx 1 Hour 0 mins

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