8 July 2009

July 9th - Show 245

The One with a Reverse Midlife Crisis

In tonights show:

Maf forgets to start the recorder, so you're missing 15 mins of the start of the show...

We discuss Mafs long CV & Teacher training and let you know how lucky all you live listeners are that there's a show going on while Torchwood is on.
Lee chats about his deaf dog and how impressed he is with On The Spot mobile valeting

What's a reverse midlife crisis anyway? We know what we think...find out in this show. Clue: it involves a shack and a beach. Yep, Mafs on his 'living on a beach' thing again...sheesh!

Mafs watched Disasters In Time, Watchmen and the first 4 Puppet Master films.

Finally learn a few facts about German Popster Falco

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Music This Show:
Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury - There Must Be More To Life

Harikaraoke: - My Life

Mafs weighs: 17st 1lbs

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This show is approx 2 Hours 4 mins

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