23 July 2009

July 23rd - Show 247

The One with A Restart

In tonights show:

We start the show several times for our live listeners...once because of Maf and once because of Live365 However, in a nutshell, Mafs been getting his broken things fixed, is in a better state of mind...oh yes, and it's Lees birthday.

We talk about Harpers Island and Dexter and hear what happens when you're not concentrating while creating Backtrax.

CindyB make s a triumphant return to the chatroom after an extended leave of Snug absence so we hope to be hearing more from her soon :D And, hopefully, by the time you read this there will be some new opinions over at the SnugFans blog (it's that link over there on the right...yes, that's it...try it now!!)

Plus much much more

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Snug Stats
Music This Show:
Journey - After All these years

Harikaraoke: - Green Door

Mafs weighs: 17st 0lbs

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This show is approx 1 Hours 27 mins

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