5 February 2009

February 5th - Show 223

The One Where Maf Asks For Help

Breaking News
Maf got this email this morning from Live365:

Please be aware that your Live365 account XXXXXX is
currently overdue. We attempted to charge you for renewal
of the following service(s):

- bi-annual P4 Broadcasting Package ($269.70 due on 02-06-2009)

But we were unable to process your renewal transaction.

Maf is struggling to come up with the payment and there is a real risk The Snug will go dark if he doesnt. If you have EVER enjoyed anything we've done in the past 4 1/2 years please consider a small donation.

Damn, Damn, Damn - Vista, Creative Labs and Live365 conspire to kinda keep us off the air. With the death of the broadcast PC last week, Maf has moved over to his Vista PC...unfortunately this means that everything is totally different and the Live365 software no longer works how it should.

The upshot of this is we can't hear Lee. So Maf hits some tunes and tells the live listeners just how bad his week was. He didnt record it for prosperity, sorry Podcast Listeners.

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