26 February 2009

February 26th - Show 226

The One Before A Reunion

In tonights show:

We hear about Lees upcoming school reunion...not an official one you understand...this is a Facebook inspired reunion.  It does have the added bonus of bringing a few of his old friends out of the woodwork to listen to the show  (wether they made it all the way through or not is another thing)
We find out just how interesting Mafs job really is and, in a totally unrelated topic, mention some more Twitter stuff.
We hear a little more about Agel Fit as Maf is now the official guinea pig for the stuff (well, ok, Lee gave him a boxful to try) and even get time to call Tamara and see how Canada is getting on

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The Question of the Week:
We forgot a question of the week this week...go on, have some time off :P

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Snug Stats
Music This Show: - There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama
Harikaraoke: - Shaddup Your Face
No. of words written by Maf on project B: 1643
Mafs weighs: 18st 1lbs

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This show is approx 1 Hour 34 mins

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Anonymous said...

darn I came here to find out the question of the week! and you left me hanging!!