6 November 2008

November 6th - Show 210 - Podcast 124

The One with Guy Fawkes

In tonights show:

We have a selection of Guy Fawkes trivia, particularly as its a specifically british holiday and people might wonder why we celebrate a 'terrorist'.
Mafs finally got a job and his ambivalence shines through... what exactly is wrong with it?
Apparently some small country somewhere has just had an election... hear us talk about it and how we manage to get Robert Mugabe coming from Yorkshire (no, really)
Hear how Mafs house selling is going and what fanedits he's currently looking forward to seeing
We call Tamara for a threesome and get an update on her OCD Beer Drinker.  While we're on Skype, Lee gets a call from a stranger...is this a future guest?

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Snug Stats
Green Onions This Week: - Paul Hardcastle
Music This Show: - Arthur Brown - Fire
Harikaraoke: - Higher & Higher
No. of people signed up with Lee: 3
No. of words written by Maf on new project: 769
Mafs still weighs: 17st 7lbs

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This show is approx 1 hr 16 mins

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