18 November 2008

November 20th - Show 212 - Podcast 126

The One with Nostalgia

In tonights show:

Maf gets angry with Eden Lake, the recent movie about chavs attacking a young couple (does this make him a Daily Mail reader?).
We discuss the news that Woolworths is selling all its stores for £1.
Maf reviews Wii Music
Lee finds an anagram maker, inputs the names of all the Agel products and comes up with a Metamorphic Folio Flux Minx
Mafs has some new purchases from The Studio Under The Stairs
and has been listening to The Weird Show all week

We eventually discuss nostalgia and wonder if its not what it used to be.  It also inspires our new stolen segment:

The Question of the Week:
Are we more nostalgic today than ever before?  And if so, why?

Stolen From Digg:
What a cool watch!!
Cool cube figs to cut out & build
Some Geeky pics (I'm paraphrasing)
You've gotta love Steampunk
Tamaras SFD submission

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Snug Stats
Green Onions This Week: - Andy Timmons
Music This Show: - PM Dawn - Memory Bliss
Harikaraoke: - Love Boat
No. of people signed up with Lee: 3
No. of words written by Maf on new project: 1018
Mafs still weighs: 17st 7lbs

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This show is approx 1 hr 11 mins

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