9 October 2008

October 9th - Show 206 - Podcast 120

The One with New Stuff

We have a show brimming (well, there's some) with new content:  we have a new intro, a new backtrax and a new message from Scopey Steve.  Later on we defy all complainers and give you a new Harikaraoke...wether you want it or not :P

we have a strange run in with Youbendtube as we look for Tamaras confidence and then get a quick update on Mafs job (lessness).

We play a snippet from the Steve Hawkings Bohemian Rhapsody which oddly spurs on an email from the Snug Legend himself... Scopey Steve (refer to the archives for his backstory) - now he's secretly gotten married and has a kid which he kindly named in our honour.  Feel free to drop him a line to his secure snug mailbox on any subject and we'll get him to read them out on the show:  mail him at scopey.steve@snugradio.co.uk

We find out that Lee will not be joining us next week as he's blowing off for some Agel buddies (i knew it!!)  So if anyone fancies taking his place for a week, feel free to drop us a line at the usual address

Don't forget that ALL contact channels with us have been reopened so feel free to drop us a line, or an mp3, or a Skype voicemail, or a Facebook message, or a myspace message, or a blog comment, or a live365 comment, or an ITunes review.

This new format will rely more than ever on YOUR input.

Did you enjoy the new format? ...feel free to tell us snugradio@yahoo.co.uk

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Snug Stats
Green Onions This Week:  -  Invitatie La Dans
Harikaraoke This Week: - All Summer Long - Kid Rock
Music This Week: - Redd Kross - Dancing Queen

No. of people signed up with Lee: 2
No. of words written by Maf on new project: 300
Mafs still weighs: 17st 7lbs

Please join us every week, for all new shows

That's Thursdays at 21:00 BST every Week!

See you then...have a great week.

This show is approx 1 hr 10 mins

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