2 October 2008

October 2nd - Show 205 - Podcast 119

The One with A Dead Friend

We start with the gloomynews that Fluffy will be sleeping through this who as her pain medication has kicked in (she has a poorly back).

Mafs week consisted of catching up with Burn Notice, Playing Spore, Going to the gym and getting temporarily addicted to Fantastic Contraption (damn that FlufflyLamb!) and having an interview!

Lee went to see Jim Davdison live and looked at a new salon (not at the same time)  we also have a semi lecherous discussion about his new girls...feminists beware

Sad news this week as we here that one of our friends, Glyn (wheelz) Whitelam died the other day.  We dedicate our music this week to him and hope he's as much of a pain to the big guy upstairs as he was to us.

Tamara fills us in on her summer and does a damn fine job of it...if she had more self confidence, she'd be doing her own show!!  Also...I suspect from the way she mentions it twice that she'd like a link to Rainbow Road Trading in the show notes.

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Snug Stats
Green Onions this week - Glamour Puss
No. of people signed up with Lee: 2
No. of words written by Maf on new project: 250
Mafs weighs: 17st 7lbs

Music This Show
The Searchers - Walk In The Room

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This show is approx 1 hr 0 mins

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