28 February 2008

February 28th - Show 190 - Podcast 105

The One With Odd Words

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Well, we appear to have some technical issues with this weeks show. The software that records the stream appears to have semi-crashed 38 mins in but still kept recording which has left the podcast with a clipped sound. We'll forgive you if you can't listen to it all ;)

We spend a lot of the show fitting in a list of obscure words we were sent by 3 of our listeners which makes for a surreal listening experience...If you wanna get in on the act...mail us your list.

CindyB stretches the definition of naked and sends us a variety of pics. Head on over to our Flickr page to see her latest additions.

We unmask VNV whilst discussing the audio equivalent of blinking
Wine gums influence this show somewhat and we find out about Taxis on Salt Spring Island.

We hear the best worst joke in the world ever...then get called out by our resident Canadian.

We have our usual round up of current TV that we're watching (see this posts labels).

Do you have problems listening??? Let us know at the usual address.

If you've got anything that you'd like to hear in the show...feel free to tell us snugradio@yahoo.co.uk

Music This Show
Billy Joel - You May Be Right

Cindy Sings
Strange Magic

Tamara Sings
Here Comes The Sun

The Beatles - We Can Work It Out
Detroit Spinner - Working My Way Back To You

See you next time...have a great week and tell your friends

This show is approx 1 hr 43 mins


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