1 March 2007

March 1st - Show 144 - Podcast 57

The One With Stuff

We pack so many random thoughts into tonights show that I can't think of a title...
We start with a breaking news item...a local 'carbunclephant' is currently on fire. Is Lee a prime suspect...he certainly goes someway to making himself one.

We have a new live listener (though whether he returns or not is a different matter). It's Ferocious Beat Jon, who has just sold me my first Mac..a Macbook Pro. Thanks for listening Jon

It's good to see that it's not only our listeners that're hassling lee about the Black interview...Blacks manager has managed to shame Lee into pulling his finger out...it is only next week after all.

Maf compares 'Hostel' and 'Masters of Horror'. Which one has the most stomach churning sequences?
He then shares his pride and indignation as we find out that Balthar in Battlestar Galactica (season 3 ep 16?) is from Yorkshire (or the BSG equivalent)

Don't forget, Lee is away interviewing Black next Thursday so...


Music tonight
Level 42 - running in the family
High School Musical - Stick To The Status Quo

Tamara Sings
Sarah Mclachlan - I Will Remember You


Morecambe & Wise - Bring Me Sunshine

This is the Skype voicemail number so now you have no excuse to not leave us messages.
02 92 12 51 007

The show is approx 1 hr 50mins


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