15 March 2007

March 15th - Show 145 - Podcast 58

The One With 'The Black interview'

Another action packed show as we find out what happened at The Black interview (Damn Lee and damn technology) then we find out what happened to Maf at his IT conference a couple of weeks ag. Both the guys have a flat tyre story and then Maf briefly discusses the new Ghost Rider movie and his recent rewatch of the top tv show Spaced.

Also hear what we have to say about the new £20 note and stoopid Rhyl people (mails directly to Lee please)

Music tonight
Black - Are You Having A Wonderful Life
Black - Leaving Song

Tamara Sings
Carly Simon - You're So Vain


Grace Kelly - Mika

This is the Skype voicemail number so now you have no excuse to not leave us messages.
02 92 12 51 007

The show is approx 1 hr 58mins


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