18 March 2017

The One With Bread

March 15th - Show 641

In this show: 

Baps, Barms, Batches and Bloomers... Cobs, Loaves and Tea-Cakes...Whatever you call yours, here's a Hodgepodge all about BREAD.


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Snug Stats

Music this Show

Theme from Bread (02:58)
Woody Herman - Sugar Loaf Mountain (04:32)
The Andrews Sisters - Shortnin' Bread (02:52)
Aaron And Andrew - Golden Fluffy Loaves of Love (02:08)
Percy Faith - Bread, Love And Dreams (02:29)
The Singing Postman - I Can't Git A Nice Loaf A' Bread (03:06)
Dirty Honkers - Ginger Bread Man (03:45)
Status Quo - Jam Side Down (03:40)
Lieutenant Pigeon - Mouldy Old Dough (02:44)
Dr. Hook - Bread Upon The Water (02:32)
Roxette - Milk And Toast And Honey (04:03)
The Newbeats - Bread and Butter (01:47)
Cowboy Junkies - Bread And Wine (04:34)
Sarah Harmer - Peanut Butter Toast (02:19)
Nutty - Baker's Bread (05:09)
C.W. Stoneking - She's A Bread Baker (03:17)
The Mr. T. Experience - I Love You More Than Toast (02:57)

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This show is approx  1 hour 07 mins 

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