22 January 2017

The One With Training

January 18th - Show 633

English: Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdo...
Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom : Wikipedia)
In this show: 

Its the pre holiday show as I'm off to Orlando the morning after recording this episode.  I'm releasing it from Uncle Mickeys house after a long day in the theme parks.

Lee's been training

Tamara's having Nose surgery

Lee's thinking about possibly maybe perhaps having a holiday
And he bought a Lottery Ticket

The TV and Film Section

Is Frequency cancelled?
Constantine is back as a cartoon

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Bluegrass Tribute - Down Under (03:52)
Bluegrass_Tribute - Love_Shack (05:07)

Cover Version Sandwich

Since I Don't Have You


On The Road Again

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