26 November 2016

The One With Radio

November 23rd - Show 625

In this show: 

It's a musical hodgepodge, as we go ga-ga over 18 songs with the word 'radio' in the title.
As always the playlist is below.

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Snug Stats

Music this Show

Elvis Costello and The Attractions - Radio Radio (03:06)
Talking Heads - Radio Head (03:32)
The Ravyns - Raised On Radio (03:43)
Bruce Springsteen - Radio Nowhere (03:20)
The Sports - Who Listens To The Radio (03:20)
Steve Earle - Satellite Radio (04:09)
Dillard & Clark - The Radio Song (03:04)
Don Williams - Listen To The Radio (03:12)
Joe Jackson - On Your Radio (04:04)
Dr. Hook - The Radio (03:31)
The Clash - Capital Radio One (02:10)
Cheap Trick - On The Radio (04:29)
Rick Mathews - Playin' On The Radio (04:05)
Edwin Starr - H.A.P.P.Y. Radio (03:21)
Donna Summer - On The Radio (04:05)
Nanci Griffith - Radio Fragile (05:34)
The Blasters - Border Radio (02:40)
Queen - Radio Ga Ga (04:03)

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This show is approx  1 hour 04 mins 

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