4 September 2016

The One With Superheroes 2

August 31st - Show 614

In this show: 

To celebrate a summer of superhero movies and the imminent release of Captain America - Civil War on Blu-ray, we present a Superheroes Hodgepodge.
23 songs that reference at least one superhero.  We've got everything from Superman to Spider-man to the Green Hornet, with some Batman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl on the side.

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Music this Show

Ramones - Spider-Man (02:07)
Graham Bonney - Supergirl (02:42)
Butch Baker - Batman At The Go Go (02:54)
Jimmy Buffett - Captain America, We Love You (03:25)
The MaryJanes - Face it Tiger (01:49)
Insane Ian - Ant Man (02:48)
Jims Big Ego - The Ballad of Barry Allen (04:19)
Kirby Krackle - Ring Capacity (03:19)
Link Wray - Green Hornet (02:00)
Queen - Flash (02:48)
Five for Fighting - Superman (03:42)
Aerosmith - Spider-Man (02:57)
moe - Captain America (03:43)
Nobody Loves The Hulk - The Traits (02:57)
Rod Stewart - Batman, Superman, Spiderman (03:35)
Link Wray - The Shadow Knows (02:29)
Sun Ra and the Blues Project - Batman Theme (02:16)
Carrie Dahlby - Thor's Big Silver Hammer (03:36)
The Blanks - Superman (03:20)
Tom Waits - Spideys Wild Ride (02:12)
Richard Cheese - Spider-Man Theme (02:15)
XTC - Thats Really Super Supergirl (03:20)
Kitsch & Camp - Wonder Woman (Remix) (03:33)

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This show is approx  1 hour 20 mins 

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