29 August 2015

The One With A Little Horst

August 27th - Show 560

In this show: 

It's a musical hodgepodge in two halfs.  The first section is songs with 'Thursday' in the title and the second half is 'Things I Found On Youtube'!  It's about an hour and a halfs worth and , as always, the track listing is below (with links to all the videos as promised)

Have fun!

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Snug Stats

Music This Show
Asobi Seksu - Thursday (04:17)
Audioslave - Thursday (05:34)
Bjørn Berge - Thursday (04:03)
The Chiodos Bros. - Thursday (03:18)
Giles, Giles & Fripp - Thursday Morning (02:52)
Pink Nasty - Thirsty Thursday (02:31)
Tanita Tikaram - Thursday's Child (03:56)
The Downtown Fiction - No Typical Thursday Night (02:51)
5 Horror TV and Movie Themes in a Major Key (02:22)
5 More Horror Movie Themes in a Major Key (04:44)
Horst Jankowski - I Just Called to Say I Love You (03:34)
Daniel Koren - Take on me (Smooth Jazz Version) (03:29)
Frankie Laine - Champion The Wonder Horse (02:18)
Girls Generation(소녀시대) _ Genie(소원을말해봐) (04:00)
The Honeydrippers - I Got A Woman (03:01)
Horst Jankowski - Just the Way You Are (03:42)
Suzi Quatro - Hit The Road Jack (03:57)
Sweetwater And The Satisfaction - Wrecking Ball (04:34)

Cover Version Sandwich


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This show is approx  1 hour 20 mins 

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