12 April 2015

The One With Swears

April 9th - Show 540

In this show: 
Lets start with a warning... This show contains swears...lots of them... And they're mostly from Tamara!!

Tamara joins the show after we mention she gets up at half four for work.  We then cover a massive range of stuff in the following two hours...Here's some of them:

  • Washing Machines
  • Felt Fellas for the blind
  • Penny's Pantry
  • Bread Making
  • Hair colours
  • Springs And Mr. Geek
  • Pot and anxiety
  • Black Oak Smoked Spiced Rum
  • Lee plays The Canadian Lottery
  • Animal style tongue covers
  • Fairground rides at a funeral
  • horrible things on youtube
  • the rocketbook notebook
  • A fuck-o-meter
  • Orphan Black
  • Lee's embroidery

at this point the weekend is over and these show notes have to end sometime...just listen.

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Great Big World - Say Something

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This show is approx  2 hour 00 mins 

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Anonymous said...

Wow Tamara is really awesome and funny.