25 January 2015

The One With Big Brother

January 22nd - Show 529

In this show: 
We start with the sad news that, as suspected in last weeks show, our voiceover guy Eric has died.  We're still working out how this impacts our jingles but we've been shortlisting some Fiverr voiceover artists to replace / augment our current jingles.

I tell you about how I spent my Kiva based birthday present and Lee has seen a guy who's hobby is coffee roasting which leads to our non-connoisseur tasting abilities.

For a split second, we are nice to Tamara!

But then we move onto Lee's Plex problem and we have a long chat about Celebrity Big Brother (mostly about Ken Morely's racism and Alicia's Alphabet)...after that I introduce you to the new tv show, Galavant

We discuss the announcement of Microsofts Hololens and looking towards the future from the past (70s) and today.

Our Cover Version Sandwich causes us to say "Havering? What's that all about then?"

Lee expresses the desire to see all of The Rules Of Engagement and slowly spps my resistance until I relent, then we wonder about the Welsh version of Channel 4, S4C which is apparently available on the BBC player.  Which leads Lee to ponder about the Mike Smith conspiracy 

Finally theres just time to cover this weeks Kickstarters and Indiegogos:

Exploding Kittens
Sprayable Sleep
Duffle Bag (Bomber)
Flic Buttons
Rouncer - No Peel chopper
3d Doodler Pen 2 

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