7 September 2014

The One With Secret Cinema

September 4th - Show 510

In this show:
We start of with website issues...which means chatroom issues...so we move over to a Facebook chat page.  Once we get into it proper, we find out that Lee has a cold sore and is thinking of growing a beard.  He's even bought a complicated grooming kit.

Hear about my visit (finally) to the Secret Cinema presentation of Back To The Future

The Secret Cinema Back To The Future Set : Olympic Village, Stratford

After our Cover Version Sandwich, Lee expounds the virtues of Cheese and Onion crisps and we wonder what should be in Robs care package (he's just moved to the US).  From there it's not a great leap to the Great British Bake Off, Paul Hollywood and Lees desire for greyness (for Ted Dansonesque greyness in fact)

There's a shocking revelation that Lee just cancelled a Fiverr...he's just so fussy about the people he works with nowadays (maybe I should consider myself lucky).

As we near the end opt the show, we cover the Frozen grotto in Lees conservatory and I quickly review True Detective (while Lee checks out the aforementioned grotto).  We have a quick chat about the following films:

21 Jump Street 
Bermuda Tentacles
A Million Ways To Die In The West

And we end with a horrible mental image after one of our live listeners mentions 'fish stew' (go on...read it out loud).

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