17 August 2014

The One With Robin Williams

August 14th - Show 507

Robin Williams
Robin Williams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In this show:
We pay tribute to legend Robin Williams with a couple of his songs and a sketch.  Then we chat about a plethora of TV that we've watched between us...including:

Snack Off
Cutthroat Kitchen
Da Vincis Demons
Guardians Of The Galaxy

We have a brief chat about my 'not working' routine and some Wordpress stuff then its onto names for people from Denmark.  Finally we discuss Tamara's artwork and ask you, dear listener, for some Spanish translation.

Image Credit: Tamara MacDonald (2014)

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Music This Show
Robin Williams - Elmer Fudd Sings Bruce Springsteen (01:16)
Robin Williams - Intelligent Design (Explicit Audio) (05:55)
Robin Williams - My Way (A Mi Manera) (01:44)
Satanic ​Puppeteer​ Orchestra - What Is The Most Expensive Way to Feed a Zebra (02:07)

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This show is approx  1 hour 22 mins

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