7 February 2014

The One With Face Ache

February 6th - Show 480
In this show:
He's only had it a day or two but Lee has 'broken' his new (see last show) tablet already!!  It shouldn't be that much of a surprise consider his technical talents.  He's excited about a new Wordpress template called Soundwave and we have some minor FTP issues with the Snug website.

It's a shorter than average show because I'm ill...half of my face has really sensitive skin (you know, like when you have the flu and your skin hurts?) but apparently Lee hasn't experienced that feeling!
In the entertainment department we cover Frosty Apple Jack Daniels, Thor - The Dark World (it's not for girls...or pehaps it's just not for my girl), The Following and the amazing weight loss of Man Vs Food star, Adam Richman.

I have started a rewatch of Life on Mars from 2006 which leads us to my (ex) top rated huntisms page and the embarrassing SnugTv pilot.  Lee also shares The One Direction 'shred' video.

Lee fights a box of Granola bars (and wins, during the Cover Version Sandwich) and we conclusively establish that he has MP3 ID3 OCD

We also find a place where you too can live in Hope.

All this and more on the show…download it now!

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Snug Stats

Music This Show:

Hymen And MetalFunkel - Ace Of Spades
Rachel Sermanni - I Want You Back

Cover Version Sandwich:  Hotel California
Harikaraoke:  none

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This show is approx  1 hour 05 mins
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