19 January 2014

The One With A Shag

January 16th - Show 477
In this show:
We start of by inventing either a new feeling or a brilliant new support for ladiesd under garments...it's Fabulastic

Lee shares this T-Rex optical illusion with us (which works better here than in audio).

We reminisce about Snug merch of the past like mugs and t-shirts but especially thongs (Still available at this link)


We chat about The Wolverine and 'being ripped', Escape Plan and Jim Caviezel and find out that Lee yearns for Las Vegas after watching the film Last Vegas, to the extent that he's planning to go there for his 50th and we prmise not to kill hookers in the bathroom or get face tattoos.  He also seems to have watched a show about the Worlds Busiest Hotel (also in Vegas).

This video is playing our first track of the show but we love the dancing in it too, so here it is:

Lees been searching for sequinned Shirts which obviously leads us into Come Dancing
We also get some of T's Jokes, a number of Lees one liners and The Periodic Table of Swearing from Beth in the chatroom.

We get exclusive news about The Fluffy And Tamara show, I tell you what's been going on in my lockup and we have some discussion about Frank Carson (thanks Celebrity Big Brother)

All this and more on the show…download it now!

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Snug Stats

Music This Show:
Eric Benet - Be Myself Again (03:19)
Godfrey Daniel - Let It Be (03:16)
Templeton Twins - Our Way (02:50)

Cover Version Sandwich: Paradise City
Harikaraoke:  none

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This show is approx  1 hour 14 mins
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