29 December 2013

The One On Boxing Day

December 26th - Show 474

In tonights show:

Bottles of Kahlúa photographed with a Canon Po...
Bottles of Kahlúa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You'll find out what we've been getting for Christmas and how our Christmas dinners went.  I describe my Star Wars Frames book to Lee and he finds the high end version of it   
I give you my thoughts on The Doctor Who Christmas Special and Lee admits he didn't buy gifts this year.  T appears in the chatroom so we make fun of her for a bit (the phrase I was looking for how T celebrates Christmas was 'under duress') 

We talk about Kahlua and chocolate liquor lattes and our New Years Eve plans (or not).
We have a brief tangent with 'Have a Banana' and then we get onto Swift Elite and its replacement
Peeled, whole, and longitudinal section
Bananaaaaaaaaa! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Cover Version Sandwich: Merry Christmas Everybody

White Christmas
Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

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This show is approx  1 hour 0 mins

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